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Two of the violent crimes are Assault and battery, which involve causing harm or threats of harm to others. Back in the days, Assault and battery were separate crimes, but now some states have merged both of these in one crime. Moreover, most of the states apply serious aggravated assault or battery charge when the crime is committed with a dangerous weapon that is deadly or injury is involved. When the defendant’s conduct is horrifying, he might be charged with the aggravated assault or battery charges as it would then be a high crime. That also varies from State to State, although it is for criminalizing conduct that society finds offensive.

Hiring a Hampton, VA Assault and Battery attorney

An important step in advocating and determining your rights after an assault or battery is to contact an assault and battery attorney. Our assault and battery attorneys are experienced and will work out a plan of action for you. We understand that assault and battery experiences are very traumatizing, so it is not easy for you to organize your thoughts. Assault and battery attorneys will help you in considering the legal steps. They will offer expertise, understanding, and compassion to you.

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